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1) You don't know HOW to do something!
-No one is born knowing how to do anything besides (Poop, breath, sleep and eat)
-LEARN HOW (By yourself, from a teacher/coach)

2) You don't Start DOING something!
-You think you have to do something big to get started!
-Just start with a small step (Showing up to the gym, 10 pushups, eat a veggie, write one page, read one page, call one person)

3) You don't WHERE to begin!
-If you don't know WHERE you are currently and WHERE you want to go, then no one can help show you WHERE to start
- So START by finding out WHERE to you are & WHERE you want to go.

4) You don't HAVE enough time!
- Make time or Buy time
- If you truly care about something you will make time for it. Make a list of priorities and how much you spend on them. Then reduce the lesser priorities to MAKE time for you to start & sustain.
- Or Buy products/services that free up your time. For example pay someone to clean your house, that will free up some time. Or pay a company like MMH to create your workouts and nutrition plan so that way you can save time creating a plan.

5) You don't have the COURAGE to start!
-You don't believe you can win. You don't believe you can drop the weight. You don't believe you can start the company. You don't believe you can change your life.
- Fear of losing triumphs the thrill of winning
- I want you to understand something. Your not the person you need to be yet to accomplish what you want and that's exactly why you should start! You wont be able to become that person, have a successful business, have sexy/healthy body, until you start. When you start you'll change and you'll have some failures. But this will mold you into the person that will eventually accomplish that thing.

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