#9- Calories/Macros 101

Hey ya'll in this episode we go over one of the most important factors of nutrition, Macronutrients!!!

  1. We explain what calories and macronutrients are.
  2. We go over each macronutrient in detail:
    1. Carbs= Energy and fiber, they are NOT essential. 1g = 4 calories.
    2. Protein= Amino acids important for repairing and building tissues, enzymes, hormones, etc. They are ESSENTIAL! 1g= 4 calories.
    3. Fats= Fatty Acids essential for hormones and fat soluble vitamins. They are ESSENTIAL! 1g= 9 calories.
  3. We then go into the percentages!
    1. Start with protein! 0.6g-1g of protein per Lean body mass!
    2. Then go onto fat! You want a minimum of 50g of fat (It's essential) but aim around 25-40% Fat.
    3. Fill in the rest of your calories with carbs! Remember this number is constantly changing dependent on your goal!

IF your want help with your macronutrients then head to this link below and we'll help you set them up for free ⤵️


Links (MMH & Ashton):
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