In this episode Evan and Ashton talk about how to Embrace the SUCK and how to use tough times to create a more fortified mindset! Evan used his military background to build an amazing mindset but also use that mindset to help other people! If you want to have a stronger mind then we both encourage you to embrace hard times and use them to help other and build a better life!

Message from Evan ⤵️

Hey everyone! My name is Evan Borrelli and I’m from Wilmington Delaware. I grew up in the north but went to The Citadel down in Charleston SC and that’s where my life and mental capacity really changed. On top of that, I’m a lieutenant in the Army National Guard and also work for a bank in Charlotte! Ashton has an amazing concept to speak on mental toughness and mindset in a time filled with envy and never feeling good enough or strong enough because people “post it to prove it”... I dive into my thoughts on how to be mentally tough, smiling through the suck and just finding joy in even the darkest moments. When I was in high school I was in a very dark place, and I used that (down the road) to fuel my drive to be better and show myself I have value. This allowed me to break through mental barriers and push myself past my own physical limits. I hope what I say and what Ashton and I talk about has an impact on at least one person out there. Stay hungry !!


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