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How to Have Long Term Success ♼

We now live in a time where we can get Same day delivery, food dropped off with an app, a ride that you don't have to wave down, and relationships you don't even have to seek.

Things have became MORE CONVENIENT with LESS TIME & EFFORT.
It's easy to obtain certain things without having to wait a very long time to get these things and it's not very hard to start and maintain the process.

That's mostly great but it has also caused a problem in our "Microwave" society. Not all things are can be obtained in a "short" amount of time that's also convenient and doesn't take much effort. Things such as:
- Creating long term wealth & success
- Healthy Relationships
- Healthy body & mind
- Education
- Mastering a skill
- Credit score 😒

These are all examples that take MORE TIME & EFFORT with LESS CONVENIENCE (most of the time)!

It's hard to trust the process because you don't see the END result for a LONG time! I see many people try to take shortcuts and they get cut. They end up hurting themselves and putting themselves in a worse position. That's Why I want to talk about the 3 things you must have that will help have Long Term Success!
**1) Vision**
- **If you can't see where you wanna go then you'll never get there!** You can keep looking forward and see the end outcome. This keeps you focused on the future you and who you're becoming and not where you currently are.
**2) Faith & Sacrifice-**
- Why are you patient with going to college for years, but want physical results in days? Because you have faith that years of college will bring you better results in the future. **You're willing to sacrifice some short term pleasure for long term success.**
**3) Discipline-**
- **Discipline outlives motivation and births consistency.** This is doing something you NEED to do rather than doing something you WANT to do. The best way to keep discipline is to remember WHY you're doing it in the first place.
**4) Win the right battles to win the war-**
- **Count your victories! Use this to measure your success to make sure you're going in the right direction.** In order to win the war not only do you need to win more battles than you lose, but you also need to make sure you're fighting the right battles.
**5) Adjustments-**
- You're going to need to make adjustments and changes. You may have a plan to win battles but it doesn't quite pan out the way you want and that's okay. **A LOSS is a LESSON! Use this lesson to make an adjustments and be better prepared to get a victory next time!**


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