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-Were about 15 weeks away from summer
-Many people are working out for the idea of looking good for summer! Which makes sense! Tank tops, Shorts, Bathing suits, tan skin, Why wouldn't you try to look good for summer. It's when your body is exposed the most!
-But many people never actually see change in time for summer. They wait till it starts to get warm to start changing. OR they've been trying to get in shape for the summer season but have had no luck!

(Insert Summer Ready plan)

How to look good in your bathing suit!

1) Wear it confidentially no matter what!
-Listen you may not be where you want to be body wise but that does not mean you cannot ROCK that fricken bathing suit!
-There is no summer body! There is no perfect way to fit in a bathing suit. As long as you think you look good in a bathing suit, then guess what sweetie you look good 🔥

2) Give yourself enough time!
- It takes 3500 calories to loss/gain 1 pound. Average weight loss is 1-2 pounds per week!
- Meaning if you need to lose 20 pounds of fat before Summer you'll need 10-20 weeks! And Burn/cut out 70,000 calories!

3) Lose body fat
- If you want less pudginess in your stomach, legs, chest, and everywhere then dropping body fat is the best thing you can do!
- 0.5-2 pounds per week is a good rate of weight loss.
- 2 ways to drop body fat. Exercise and/or eat less calories. Simple

4) Build/Maintain Muscle 💪🏾
- Having muscle will give your body the definition, tightness, and tone your looking for!
- Weight training is by FAR the best way to build muscle mass but it's hard to build muscle mass while being on a caloric deficit. This is why giving yourself enough time is so important. Building a great physique takes months, years.
- Focus on the areas you want to tighten/tone the most and train those multiple times per week.

5) Dial in your nutrition 🥗
- Make sure your putting yourself in a caloric deficit around 350-700 calories.
- Eat enough protein, roughly around 0.7-1.2g of lean body weight.
- Drink more water and less alcohol.
- Eat more fiber and less foods that make you feel bloated.

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