How to Workout for Abs

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You may have heard that Abs are made in the kitchen. But they're actually made in the gym but revealed int he kitchen. In order to see our abs we have to do 2 parts:
Pt. 1 Eat correctly to drop body fat.
Pt. 2 Train a certain way to build ab muscles and burn body fat.

1) Prioritize Burning body fat not Weight
-If you focus on just losing weight you could lose 5lbs but if that 5lbs is muscle then you haven't actually lost any fat. When you prioritize fat loss then the muscles (Abdominals) will be even more defined when you do drop the body fat.

2) Do your Resistance Training Compound Movements
-Compound movements burn a lot of calories, support muscle mass, and put a large emphasis on the core. Especially the TVA which makes your stomach and waist look tighter.

3) Train you're abs frequently
-Beginners Train 2-3x/week
-Intermediate/advance can train 3-6x/week
-Hit different parts each day for maximum effect

4) Train you're abs like a muscle
-Variation- Change up your exercises. Transverse Abdominis, Rectus Abdominis, and Obliques.
-Resistance- Add a band, cable, or weight to your exercise to make it harder and build that ab muscle
-Form- Make sure your form is impeccable. It's easy to use other muscle while training your core so take it nice and slow.

5) Add some cardio or NEAT
- Lastly you can add some cardio to further your (calorie) burn. Cardio doesn't "Burn fat" it "Burns" calories. That's why I made it my last point because if you're not doing the other 4 points you could lose muscle mass instead of fat mass. Making it even harder to loss body fat. Many people could get abs without cardio
- NEAT is Non-exercise-activity-thermogensis is where you add in simple physical activities that burn calories that aren't exercise specific.
- Taking stairs, counting steps, standing desk, Carrying groceries, walking around, fidgeting feet, etc.


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